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Sydnee Capri Biography Photo Sydnee Capri Biography
Born: 10/5/1985
Aliases: Syndee Capri, Sydnee, Sydney Capri, Sidney Capri

Date of Birth: October 5th, 1985
Birthplace: Henderson, Nevada
Assumed Aliases: Sidney | Syndie Capri
Height: 5' 8" Weight: 129 lbs Waist: 25 Hips: 38
Eye Color: Black Hair Color: Black Breast: 34B
Born: Nadia Annette Walker

Sydnee Capri is an American porn star and glamour model of African American descent. Born October 5th in the midst of the 80's in a growing time in Sin City history. Her father was off to Los Angeles following yet another job offering, leaving her to be raised by her mother and older sister. Las Vegas would prove to be a fertile growing ground for this young star to be.

Sydnee put in a recent BDSM entry to her portfolio on captive male site as mini - mini really is a worthless slave and Mistress Sydnee Capri knows it. Just how pathetic he is oozes from him as she flicks his bound cock and flogs his chest. She knows this mere male is not worth her time or energy but she is willing to give him a single chance to prove himself. After some initial punishment, mini is bent over for an ass fucking. Mistress Capri instructs mini in how to fuck so that should she desire it, he may be able to satisfy her. After the ass reaming he is pulled up and ordered to clean off the cock with his mouth. Later, stretched out on a trolley, Mistress Capri begins to get turned on. She smothers mini's face with her huge ass and wet pussy, ordering him to get a nice hard cock for her. When he fails miserably she masturbates over him, the entire time berating him for being so pathetic.

Suga Walls II Sydnee puts on a true oral masterpiece - WARNING! This isnt the same Sugar Walls from the 90's yes its produced by the same cum hog company in Elegant Angel but that stuff from 10 years ago almost looks PG rated in comparison to this exclusive semen splashing romp, A List level too with Alayah Sashu, Alicia Tyler, Diamond Star, Nadi Phuket, Sydnee Capri and Tyra Banxxx (who lied to the real Tyra Banks cause she said she no longer use the name. Porn whores LIE! cocaine is a hell of a drug. not a walk in the park more like Escape from LA in a major way. Directing has been turned over to superman LT not the San Diego charger but the fast rising black porn actor with a big stick and great in capturing big booty anal action like few can. The discovering of Alcia Tyler who is the cover girl is a huge coup cause she looks all super glam and unlock those type she's gotten directly into the raw shit and not just a pretty face doing porn but jumping right in with both feet and getting nasty as fuck. This is that sheezay baby sucking, fuckin, anal, group sex its all there! Don't wait get this and stuff it in your own stocking for Xmas. filmers reviewed her assets of sexing - Sydnee Capri is a new BootyILike slut. She has the PHATTEST & FATTEST pussy I've ever seen. It's very soft and when it grabs your cock it won't let go. It's like her pussy is giving you head. Sydnee Capri... you have a hot Booty, you'll always get a full load from me.

Associations is a simple tale of a mom (Lana, off EE1 and EE2) who steps things up a bit. Not only does she spank her own truant daughter, played by stunning Sydnee Capri, but she obtains parental permission, via cell phone, to punish Sydnee's partner in crime, the lovely Harmony.

Walking in on two girls who are supposed to be in school is a nasty shock for a hardworking mom like Lana who thought she had a great relationship with her daughter. Fortunately she knows corporal punishment will set things right and Lana does not go easy on these girls.

When she says, "You know what time it is," and sends her daughter to get the hairbrush you know you are in for a butt blistering tour de force from the woman who made Clare Fonda's Exclusive Education series a modern discipline classic. Lana is in top form here and both spanking models had one of their hardest, if not the very hardest hand and hairbrush spanking over the knee of a strong woman who is as masterful a diva verbally as she is with the heavy hairbrush! Embarrassed and very sore, the girls are finally off their special "punishment chair" and into the corner.

At the end Lana allows Harmony to spank Sydnee should she ever have trouble in school and both girls cannot deny the lesson learned on their sore, marked bottoms.

Personal Fantasy dolls site - They say having a good lawyer makes all the difference, and lucky for you Sydnee Capri is the best. She's working late tonight and she's asked you to help her FILL OUT all these forms. The stress and long hours of the job can be one of the biggest aphrodisiacs and since everyone else has gone home for the night, there's no telling what or who may go down.

This would be pure bliss for any ass lover, you got two big booty hardcore sluts, Sydney Capri aka Sidney aka Sydnee and Kandi Cream aka Candi Creme or Cream, ass naked and ready to fuck. Any one of these girls would be enough to have me screaming like a little bitch, just thinking about it is making my toes curl. There's so much ass between these two girls it's crazy. Here are the booty videos from this sexy threesome, and you these photos. Sydney's onion booty, beautiful onion booty, Kandi's phat booty, and big juicy tits, it gets much better?

Twisted factory submission of fun and pain sets these fun clips -

Little billy runs into the boiler room wearing only a strait jacket and ball gag. In no time, the very sexy Sydnee Capri grabs him and chains him to the ceiling. It's clear billy needs to be taught a basic truth: there is no escaping the Twisted Factory! From fierce whipping to shocking billy's balls with the violet wand, Sydnee shows no mercy. She wants a hard dick and she wants it now! When billy fails to deliver he is tied down and Sydnee smothers him with her big ass. Lots of face sitting later, Sydnee uses billy's worthless dick for her own pleasure. When he asks permission to cum, she refuses. Instead she fucks his ass with her strapon before milking him and leaving him for the night.

"Different Place + Different Boys = Different Rules" says Sydnee's slutty t-shirt but the only rules she'll be playing by today are Kurt Lockwood's! He wastes no time tearing her clothes from her body and flogging her all over. Sydnee's nipples are clamped and her feet are caned before she is given the pleasure of sucking cock while bound. In a tight doggy position tie her ass is stretched with a buttplug while she continues her deep throat training, determined to prove herself a worthy bondage sex slave. Lots of pussy and ass fucking later Sydnee begs to cum and is granted many hard orgasms while fucked and bound. She thanks her Master gratefully with plenty more oral sex and begging for his cum all over her face!

When Miss Capri brings a date back to her lair he has no idea the kind of sex she wants to have. Desperate to get laid, dick says he is fine with some kinky BDSM play and Sydnee takes charge. he is tied to a chair and undressed, Sydnee verbally humiliates him for his small feet and cock. his socks are stuffed in his mouth and he is whipped with his belt. She expertly teases dick with her body and mouth, grinding her teeth painfully on the shaft of his cock. Later, Sydnee plants her large chocolate ass on dick's face. He is completely smothered by her face sitting and begs for mercy. She rides his cock for her pleasure, cumming hard while dick cannot move. Will she permit him to cum too? In the end she sodomizes her new bitch. his cock and balls are bound and he is ball-gagged while Sydnee thrusts deep into his ass.

Miss Capri has a very good reason for keeping daniel after class. She has seen the way he looks at her, the way he drools over her big ass and luscious lips...hoping that one day he will be able to do more than look! That day has arrived but the sex is going to be performed Miss Capri's way. Ordered to lick her shoes as his balls are tightly tied, daniel quickly realizes he is not in charge. Ball-gagged, he is flogged on his back and chest before having his cock wired to the TENS unit so Miss Capri can shock it into an erection! Once hard, daniel is hooded. He cannot see Miss Capri as she slides onto his cock ordering him to fuck her harder. He is permitted to cum but must then lick up every drop! Detention ends with daniel getting fucked in the ass...the best possible lesson any dominant female teacher could give!

Sexy Sydnee Capri admits that she needs regular discipline... and it's been almost 2 years since she was last dominated so it's long overdue! She loves rope, but we make her earn it starting with harsh metal restraints, flogging and lots of nipple weights. Once tied up, Sydnee's cunt is electrified and her ass is strap-on fucked. She worships Chanta's ass, feet and begs to cum. Covered in baby oil Sydnee gives us a strip show while being caned and begs to not have to wait 2 years to do it all again.

She began working in the porn industry in 2000, and appeared in over 70 adult movies in genres including regular sex, anal sex, and lesbian sex and interracial.

Sydnee Capri has been a busy little beaver this year. She's popping up in everything. Pretty, great attitude and a very sweet girl, Sydnee possesses an ass that makes grown men blubber. DeVoe fills his frame with her phat ass and pussy. Sydnee is posing on a lounge chair by a pool and she's spreading her goodies for us. Within moments there's a head buried between her cheeks. She rides some face before J Monty comes up for air. He bats her cheeks around before coming up front for some head. Sydnee can suck some dick and she keeps this slow and sensual instead of the gagging she's used to. J Monty doesn't waste too much time before he's dogging her pussy. He picks up speed as he goes along until he's railing Sydnee. Up and over with a cut to Sydnee cleaning Monty's cock. He lays back and she sits on his face. That lubes her for a CG ride. Sydnee drives his full length in several times. They keep changing the pace and depth of the thrusts with quite a few reinsertions. Hard cut to mish with Monty wailing away at her. He pulls out and splatters Sydnee's pussy with ball juice. Sydnee just keeps her legs up in the air for DeVoe to survey the mess.

She is currently a member of LA Direct Models.

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